O’Regan’s Triptych: Mystery, Remembrance and Unity

photo[1]Peanut would rather think about his next treat than the mysteries of life.  He recommends, however, Tarik O’Regan’s beautiful composition, “Triptych,” which will be performed by the Long Beach Camerata Singers on Saturday, Oct 25.  Below is an except from the program notes, written by Artistic Director, Robert Istad:
Triptych was originally commissioned for two separate choirs, a year apart from each other. Movement I, called Threnody at the time, was commissioned for the inaugural concert of the Choir of London in 2004. O’Regan writes that Threnody was “the first composition that evolved entirely from my New York perspective.” Movements II and III, commissioned by Portsmouth Grammar School, were originally titled And There Was a Great Calm for lower strings and treble voices and premiered in 2005.  The title of second commission derives from Thomas Hardy’s poem of the same name, and is quoted in the soprano solo within Movement III. Hardy’s poem was written in 1918, and was inspirnews-2061ed by the signing of the Armistice, which ended World War I.  All three movements did not come together as Triptych until 2005. Musically, Triptych is influenced by the music of North Africa, probably Algeria and Morocco, where O’Regan spent a portion of his early childhood.  In its completed form, Triptych contemplates the evolution of the ways humans perceive death.
The first movement considers the unrestricted power of death, the second the ways humans memorialize their dearly departed, and the third positively characterizes our own eventual ascent to heavenly enlightenment. O’Regan joins the ranks of Brahms and Britten by choosing a series of texts from a variety of cultures and faiths to depict his personal beliefs. His selection of poetry from each important religion and philosophy highlights universal and timeless ideals that branches dogmatic differences, and highlights the innate unity at the center of different faiths and philosophies.”
Joy, Fantasy and Remembrance:  A 50th Anniversary Celebration.  TICKETS NOW AVAILABLE $30/$40.  www.LBCamerata.org or call 562-522-1045.  Sunday October 25, 4:30pm Long Beach City College Auditorium

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