Peanut Sez ArtsReach was Great!

Peanut decided that I should go to the ArtsReach conference at the Biltmore last week.  He was certain that I would be inspired  and, by golly, he was right!

As a former Corporate Controller, I am no stranger to financial analysis, and it is refreshing to see Arts Organizations applying these business tools to their operations.  I was particularly interested in a session that discussed the importance of improving retention rates of single ticket buyers, which are traditionally very poor for most organizations.  At the very least, having the information is a starting point for doing a better job.

The conference also had several sessions on Digital Marketing and Social Media.  The resources available for us to communicate with friends and patrons are vastly rich and I am humbled by how profoundly interesting our world is!  Growing up I thought my family was technologically advanced because we had two phone lines and a hold button — and we were!  So here I am, I mean, here Peanut is, writing a blog to give you a peak into the conference experience.


Peanut Sez “Howdy World”

Please allow me to introduce you to Peanut, a little 20 pound Sheltie who looks like an angel but is really a little devil.  He is very cute, loves to cuddle, but really, it’s all about him.  You are only there to adore him or, in the case of this blog, to hear his views.  He will be blogging about Classical Music in Southern California, and will be offering kibbles of wisdom for your edification and amusement.

Observations and anecdotes about classical music in Southern California